Childcare Education in Savannah, GA

Dr. Lisa K. Heusel takes great pride in ensuring her training's are fun, informative and exciting.  Please see below for some great comments from her previous students.

Georgia Bright from the Start Mandated Health and Safety Training
 - “Able to do on my own time” “Very well constructed material” E. J Smith
- “Enjoyed learning” E Williams
- “I’m 68 yrs old..If I can do it, anyone can” B Gregory
- “Dr. Heusel really cares to help you along the way” Felicia S.

Help! I'm Pulling My Hair Out!
-Dr. Heusel made me very comfortable.  " I was very impressed."
  "She is exciting, informative, and gives great feed-back." - Brunswick Customer, Teresa M.
Dr. Seuss is NOT Obtuse:
 - "Lisa is the greatest teacher" 
 - "Everything was on point"
 - "Awesome, hands on teachable moment"
 - "I understand Dr. Seuss a LOT better now!"
 - "She was hands on and approachable.  She welcomed suggestions and input from audience"
 - "Dr. Heusel did an excellent job in showing and presenting the material"
Boo on Bullying
 - "Lisa is the greatest teacher that I've ever ran across"
Injury Prevention: Safety ALWAYS Comes First
- "The class is very informative.  Lisa was funny and friendly"
 - "I really loved your approach to teaching all the needed knowledge.  You are fantastic"
Put Down that IPad
 - "Thank you, the training was very educational and informative"

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